Min's PC Build - 2019!

Hello! I’ve had numerous folk want to learn about my PC setup so I decided I’d do a small blog post detailing what my setup is like! Every 4-5 years or so, I try to build a new PC setup to stay on the cutting edge of tech available to me, and this past Christmas season, I decided to indulge in a system that I consider the best of the best. Below is my parts list:

This is quite a beefy machine, as you can see, but I intended to start building our blog and being a small hobby of content-creation, which required me to have the ability to stream, and render videos while also coding and I wanted a machine that could do everything I needed all at once, which this absolutely did. Find some pictures below!

As you can see, this was truly a labour of love, and eventually once we find a house, I’ll eventually expand upon this and create an even more involved setup. I use this a lot for gaming in addition to the other things I mentioned before, and I’d love to play some games with any of our readers as well! You can find my Steam profile here:

I’ve been playing/practicing lots of Tekken 7 as of late but I have all sorts of games and coding projects I’d love to undertake.

If any of our readers have questions about computer hardware or software, please feel free to reach out, I’m very much an enthusiast in both cases and would love to chat!

Thanks for reading!

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